Nothing Personal

SMAC Gallery

11 June - 30 July 2016
[...] The idea of ‘the personal is political’ was popularized following the titling of a paper authored by radical feminist and writer Carol Hanisch in 1969. 

The meaning of the word ‘personal’ is best understood in terms of ‘self’ and ‘other’ – both of which rest, almost solely, on context. This exhibition is therefore thematically placed at the intersection between the private and the public, or the personal and the political – respectively and interchangeably. The artists featured in this exhibition, each engages with context (as a concept) through direct reference or complete negation, both manners speak volumes to those that choose to listen.

[...]Ruby Swinney’s paintings depict imaginings of semi-formulated memories of faceless individuals frozen mid-action, one cannot tell if this effect is caused by sights seen at a high velocity or in slow motion.

 text by SMAC Gallery 
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Photography: Shona van der Merwe