Ignis Fatuus, WHATIFTHEWORLD Gallery 

This site-specific installation was created for Ruby Swinney’s debut solo show Ignis Fatuus . The viewer would ascend the stairs from the dark walls of paintings in the lower gallery to the white installation above. The artist invisioned the experience as being able to “enter” into one of her paintings. 

Ignis Fatuus is an immersive installation with 5 moving projections, a 5 point mix sound installation and tracing paper leaves that sway gently as the viewer passes by. The viewer would follow a winding walkway to the central installation of mirrors, where the viewer would find themselves reflected and distorted back at themselves.

Unfortunately there is no video documentation of the work. 

Listen to audio

Audio in collaboration with Warrick Sony.
Solo show
25 May - 01 July 2017
Cape Town

Ignis Fatuus (False Fire), 2017
Tracing paper, perspex mirror, styrophome, painted silk plants, projectors, 5 point mix sound installation.
Site-specific installation.