Global Song 
Tang Contemporary Art

Hong Kong 
Curator: Fiona Lu

06 January - 12 February 2022

How do we define something that is ‘globalized’? It is an entity that – despite the entire world’s crave for it and its ‘popular power’ – cannot be monopolized by any people, regions, races, or countries. This ultimate form of globalization in the symbolic and representational sense then begs a new question: Is there a next step for globalization? As French philosophist Bruno Latour has discussed, the binary of ‘Global/Local’ has already been forcibly supplanted by the ‘Out-of-This-World/Terrestrial’. In these times when fragmentation and post-humanism are accelerating, we need to express our senses metaphorically and reflect constantly on the present, so as to keep our control over the boundless future and our own emotions.

The step beyond metaphor (which could also be a step backward, or a more post-modern step) is an ‘affective image’. As we confront an increasingly complex world, we would need to be determined yet also proactive in internalising and expressing this metaphor. Hope and anxiety fleet; melancholy and prosperity approach. As Hermann Bahr had written, “never was happiness so unattainable and freedom so dead. Distress cries aloud; man cries out for his soul; this whole pregnant time is one great cry of anguish. Art too joins in, into the great darkness she too calls for help, she cries to the spirit.” Here, Art calls out to Expressionism, which often uses representational painting for expressing the human soul. Reminiscent of a ghost, art can ‘play the role of human’, intently stalking the image – the avatar of human souls – to revolutionise continuously. We can see this art, and we may even interact with it.

Featured Artists;  Marion Bataillard, Jade Ching-yuk Ng, Alessandro Giannì, Gao Hang,
Hao Zecheng, Diren Lee, Rhiannon Salisbury, Ruby Swinney, Jessica Williams

Installation view